Hello, We Are

Juno Wedding Co.

About Juno

Juno Wedding Co. is Vancouver’s largest wedding film and photography company and has been documenting Vancouver’s finest weddings since 2010.

Part of Hera Studios, Juno is the local division that focuses exclusively on Vancouver wedding productions. With over thousands of weddings under Hera and Juno collectively, Juno’s large wedding archive and experience of Vancouver venues and vendors are second to none.

Partnered with local institutions such as Emily Carr University, Vancouver Film School, Art Institute and online creative development academies, Juno plays an active role in professional training and provides internship programs that support the development of local artistic talents.

About Hera

Since 2010, Hera Studios has been developing artistically through the use of cutting edge technology developed by supporting companies such as Canon, Apple, Acer, and Qnap. By incorporating enterprise-level servers into custom-built creative workflows, Hera was able to produce over 450 short and long format wedding films, and process over 1 and a half million images during the wedding season of 2018 alone.

The enormous feat that Hera undertook to scale up production led Hera to be positioned uniquely in the emerging creative content market. The infrastructure supporting Hera's wedding productions and the talent management met the modern demands of social and internet advertising; the ability to create high-quality, consistent, daily content for brands trying to spread their story.

Juno represents Hera’s humble beginnings.

Under the artistic philosophies and technologies that were developed by Hera, Juno is a dedicated team that leverages these assets to create quality productions for the Vancouver wedding industry where we once called home.







Claire Liu has been a crucial part of Hera Studios over the past several years. Her involvement in wedding productions includes overlooking all wedding related services such as Wedding Planning, Film & Photography, and Print Media Production. With a focused background in Wedding Planning and Event Coordination, Claire brings production and project management assets to the Juno team by working hand in hand with Juno’s Creative Producer.




Christine Park joined Hera Studios in 2017 and quickly became a part of the core team in 2018 due to her extremely detailed focus in all aspects of media production. Since then, Christine has been the lead photography producer and lead post-production officer, supervising all aspects of the wedding production. Christine brings with her the knowledge, media production expertise, and leadership skills to Juno filling in the position as Juno’s Creative Producer.




Tamas McGillivray joined our team in 2018 as part of our cinematography team. Tamas has led the film production since then and has incorporated aesthetic influences from trending global media companies, keeping Hera’s film productions modern and fresh. Tamas will be leading our global team in Barcelona in 2020.




Cindy Yip, introduced to Hera Studios in 2015 as a consultant, joined the core team as Lead Wedding Planner in 2016 to manage and develop Hera’s Wedding Planing division. Cindy led the restructuring of Hera Studios in 2018 and implemented corporate policies to facilitate the speed at which Hera Studios was growing at. With Hera’s staff count growing from 6 members in 2016 to over 30 in 2018, Cindy developed systems which managed the large teams at Hera while leaving room and operating freedom for the creative teams to develop their artistic visions.

Cindy is a Partner at Hera Studios and overlooks all productions and companies under Hera Studios including Juno, Overgrwn, HeraWPM, and Art-Department.